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What happened to Cococuties??

Whats up its Mr. Side Dude. If you didn't know I used to run one of the most popular Ebony amateur sites ever. It was called Cococuties and it ran from 2015-2019. This is a short run for a porn company but there are several reasons why I shut the brand down even though until this day people are asking me to bring it back. 

Cococuties was my first porn company and unexpectedly I saw a lot of success early on. There was a market for real first time ebony amateurs being on film. Usually amateur companies find girls who already have been filmed and put them in the category of amateur. What made my company grow so fast was that the girls I chose were regular females who were first timers on camera. Occasionally I would book an actual pornstar but that was after my success. 

One reason I discontinued the brand is because I felt as though I could do alot better with branding and content. Even though I had success personally I felt as though I could build a better brand. I always seek to challenge myself to do better. Cococuties was good but it had a real underground vibe and I wanted a brand that I could take mainstream.

Another reason is because I kind of messed up the brand arguing with folk on twitter and getting suspended multiple times lol. I learned quickly that on social media it is best to just drop content and keep pushing and ignore the haters.

Something else I learned was that females say one thing now and change their minds later. What I learned was that despite having the release forms signed, admission of consent on video, and some of them presenting a lighthearted personality during shooting, when the vids came out a small number of females would not like their image out there like that even though they had no problem taking the money lol. When this would happen after the vids were released I did not argue I just took the vids down even though I was legally correct in my practices. So now I make sure that when I get new female talent that I thoroughly explain whats going on, make them sign contracts on video and that they can consult a lawyer if needed and tell them that their image will be put out to the public. If they are not down then I have no problem finding another talent. So now with my new porn brands I feel as though I am better at the business side and making sure all parties are fully aware of the terms.

Despite the brand being discontinued I had a ball during the process. I was able to meet many celebrites, travel, and network with this company. It was all a learning experience and Mr. Side Dude and all my future companies will be even better. If you still want to purchase clips from Cococuties Click Here.

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