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Whats up. I just want to reminisce on the time I linked up with Layla Redd to film. This was in 2017 when she was first taking off. I'm glad I got a piece of the action before she blew up. Well anyway I logged into my twitter one morning and seen that I had a new message and it was from her. She stated that she was coming to Atlanta and said we should link up. Now to me this was crazy because before this exchange we had never talked before so she must of seen my work from afar and thought we should link. I did not plan on filming that day but when someone with 100k followers hits you up to shoot you make time.

Anyway I got the crib ready and she came straight over from the airport. I didn't want to overstep any boundaries so I said we can just do a head scene but she immediately said no because she was horny af. She arrived and we smoked a couple blunts then it was time to get down. I must say this, Layla takes very good care of herself. She smelled good and everything was shaved to perfection. Even after a flight she was still on point. Now normally I do not do bigger women but I was glad I made this exception. Not only did she give incredible head and sucked balls with no hesitation but her pussy tasted good af. I licked and licked until she couldn't take no more. Afterward she told me she needed dick and i stuck it in. The pussy is just as good as it looks and she got superwet once I started beating them guts. She started creamin too. What caught me off guard was that her pussy was literally gripping on my dick as I gave her backshots. That shit felt good af. I fucked on her for like an hour and you can even see it here

She was screaming and creaming the whole time. After we got done we smoked again and took a couple pics. Also she had a great personality, no attitude, and was cooperative af. All and all it was a good experience and if she ever wants to do work again for Mr. Side Dude I will definitely make it happen.

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