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Hood Chicks v.s. Educated Chicks

Whats up yall. Today I wanted to break down the educated v.s. hood chick argument that goes on among men, mostly black men. In this blog I will give pros and cons for each side and then give my take on which is better for making flicks and which is better for any kind of personal relationships. So lets get into it.

Keep in mind that these pros and cons are not set in stone. There are always exceptions to the rules but these have been my observations while being on this earth more then 30 years.


The hood chick Pros:

1. Easier to mold

2. More humble

3. More adventurous

4. More Freakier

5. More Loyal


The hood chick CONS:

1. Behavior issues

2. More violent 

3. More prone to commit crime such as theft, robbery etc...

4. Hygiene can be an issue sometimes

5. Unpredictable

6. Poverty stricken


As you can see the hood chick has her flaws and strengths. She is usually easier to mold because of her lack of financial independence. So she will listen to her man slightly more. They tend to be more ride or die for they man and semi loyal. They take more risks and are usually more freakier. You are most likely to get a dick sucking contest going on with 2 hood chicks before 2 classy chicks. However hood chicks and also present life threatening situations. They can set you up or steal your shit. They are unpredictable at times. If you come across a super broke hood chick you might run into hygiene issues.


The Classy/Educated Chick Pros.

1. Usually Financially Independent

2. Keeps appearance and hygiene above average

3. More knowledge then the hood chick

4. Usually more stable minded

5. Can connect you with others

The Classy/Educated Chick Cons

1. Tries to control alot

2. Believes she is superior to a man alot of times

3. Less freaky/More prude in the bedroom

4. Likes to compete with her man

5. Not as loyal

As you can see the classy chick has her flaws and strengths as well. She can provide a stable home with her financial and mental stability. Also if she has connections she can forward those to you as well. My problem with the classy chicks is that they are not submissive at all. Because of her degrees she believes this puts her above a man and this does not sit well with me. Also because she is exposed to more of the world because of work and other things her options are forever growing and she will leave you faster then a hood chick would, no ride or die here. Another thing is that her bedroom freakyness is not as high as the hood chick (there are exceptions to the rules). She does not like to suck dick and submit alot of times.

All in all if I had to choose between the 2 I would pick a HUMBLE hood chick. I can mold her and teach her to my liking. Even though she is more wilder I rather deal with a chick I can tame to a degree. Educated chicks are cool for networking, business, and things like that but in my personal life I need a FREAK. You can get 2 pretty hood chicks to have a dick sucking contest on you. Will 2 educated chicks do that? I am already self made and have my own business and things. I do not need more masculine energy.

However I fuck them both lol and you can see that here


Anyway what is your take on this? Comment Below!

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