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Why Its Best to be the Side Dude (Opinion) 9/13/2020ch side and then give my

Whats up people. Back with another one. Today I am going to give my opinion on why in 2020 and beyond it is best for guys to be the side dude instead of husbands, boyfriends etc. Now I know this might sound taboo but hear me out for a couple paragraphs fam and you will see why. Sources for everything I state will be at the bottom of this entry.

Bottom line is that I will remain the side dude forever because I love my freedom, my piece of mind, being able to deal with women on a casual basis without complications, and not having another person or entity (the state) in my affairs. Let me go into details below.


People think that "Mr side dude" is jut a porn name but really it is also how I live my life. I do not entertain long term relationships or marriage. This is not because I dislike or hate women. I actually love them and love being around them. I enjoy their company and love doing business with them. They help me and I help them. However when it comes down to personal relationships and marriage the stats and the numbers prove that men just do not win when it comes to relationships and marriage.


First off the divorce rate is over 40-50% in America and 80% of the divorces are filed by women. This is just the facts with no emotion. It seems as though women are best dealt with on a temporary basis in this day and age because when you make commitments to them they are usually the first to leave LOL. They are living their best lives and enjoying freedom and sexual liberation. I am happy for them, I just will not risk my financial livelihood to marry them. 

Add to the fact that more millennial women are cheating then men (my age group) and 50% of women in relationships have back up partners in mind. This is not to make women look bad or disparage them. It is just to point out that in this day in age women are not into monogamy like that. To be fair men are not either. With this in mind while you are being a good husband or boyfriend it is more then likely she has a side dude hittin that pussy too. While you are spending money, resources, time, on her she has a side dude that is getting the pussy you are paying for with minimal effort and without spending anything. This becoming acceptable as we can look at the Will and Jada entanglement and the lack of backlash for that incident.

The boyfriend/husband gets the nagging, drama, emotional rants, financial liabilities while the side dude gets the best parts of her without the investment. Combine this with the fact that the husband is at risk of losing all of his assets in divorce court when she decides to leave him. This is just not a risk I am willing to take. 

Relationships/marriages usually benefit the women more then men in my opinion. Usually it is the women walking into a better financial situation (Not all the time though) all the while the husband is usually getting married for inhouse pussy. The energy, time, and money spent on a marriage/relationship that does not really give returns for men can be used to better myself, build wealth, learn new things, travel etc.

This is not just a young man's way of thinking. Today more men of all ages are realizing the benefits of being single/the side dude then locking themselves in an unfair contract (marriage license).

Another reason why I rather stay the side dude is because it seems that mens' contribution to society are being taken for granted. Men are unappreciated for the resources they provide to relationships and even the world. It seems that today men are just expected to bow down and serve others with no reciprocity. That is what I see in a lot of today's unions. Im good on that. 

So understand this article is not any shade or shots at women. I love them. I just do not trust my life in other people's hands. Freedom is what I value. Its funny, when women say they want to be single and independent it is praised. When men say we want to remain single and free we are looked down upon and ridiculed LOL.

Anyway leave your comments below. Am i buggin? Or am I on to something

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50% of women have backup partner in mind

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